More than a decade: a short re-cap of the slow journey (since 2012)

2023-07-05 10:23:46

Everything began in November 2012 when we officially launched And yes, that is more than a DECADE ago now…

slow JO

For the start of your journey we introduced our slow JO, a timepiece crafted by hand in Switzerland, much like all our watches. Initially we offered 15 different variations. Since then, a significant amount of time has elapsed, spanning over a decade…

The JO model showcases an octagonal shape and has a comfortable width of 38 mm. When selecting this watch, you have the option to choose from various colors and bracelet types, ensuring a distinctive appearance tailored to your preferences.

slow MO

Following the JO, we introduced the slow MO model. While this timepiece maintains a unisex appeal, we intentionally opted for a slightly more delicate design with a width of 34 mm, accommodating individuals with slender wrists, including both men and women. Although the slow MO retains the octagonal shape, it incorporates rounded edges, exuding a gentler aesthetic. Similarly, you can choose from different styles that distinctly cater to either a masculine or feminine taste.

slow O

Subsequently, we ventured into the realm of rounded watches with the introduction of the slow O model, our first oval variation of Swiss wristwatches. With a diameter of 42.5 mm, it surpasses the dimensions of its predecessors. This is partly due to the fact that round watches generally appear smaller compared to angular ones. The O model possesses a truly unique and appealing quality, as it is rounded on all sides, creating an exceptionally elegant timepiece.

slow ROUND

In 2017, we further developed our affinity for round designs, leading to the birth of the slow Round model. Embracing a truly circular shape, it seamlessly combines elements from its precursor designs, proving to be a resounding success. This new addition to our family of watches gradually overshadowed the previously popular slow Jo models. With a width of 40 mm and a captivating range of colors, the slow Round struck a chord with watch enthusiasts, ultimately leading us to discontinue the O models.

slow ROUND-S

Introducing a smaller sister to the slow Round, we created the slow Round-S, featuring a width of 34 mm and a clear emphasis on women’s fashion. This intention is immediately evident when exploring the array of color variations available, showcasing fresh and feminine combinations that are sure to excite.


Our latest addition, unveiled in 2022, is the slow Twelve, expanding our diverse collection. The Twelve represents a further evolution of a special edition that was not previously featured in our lineup: the slow AM/PM. Designed primarily for the US/UK market, this timepiece features a dial displaying only 12 hours.

Additionally, we offer battery-powered watches (all mentioned models are quartz watches) as well as an automatic version called the Automatically slow. If you are interested in the latter, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at

By the way, here’s a sneak peek… We hope to introduce a Solar slow this year, or at the very latest, the following year. Simultaneously, we are diligently working on another automatic version.

The journey continues to be captivating and full of surprises!

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